EDIT: Check out the new revised version of this blog post here: http://blog.flowdock.com/2012/01/11/track-your-brand-with-flowdock/

Flowdock has been designed to be the best group messenger in the world, but it can be so much more. We’ve previously covered using tags to abolish the barrier of reporting bugs, and now I’ll show how you can make your team act as a single unit in tracking, creating, molding, protecting and generally managing your brand.

Flowdock allows your team to react to everything with zero delay. You can pipe anything into Flowdock’s Influx as RSS feeds, tweets or emails. Here’s a couple of things we’ve found immensely useful in tracking our brands. You should try them out.

Add Twitter tracking for your brand

This is basic functionality of Influx in Flowdock.

1. Go to Influx and select sources from the top right

2. Choose the Twitter tab and add your brands as Twitter searches

Add Twitter search in sources dialog in Influx

3. React with zero delay

React with zero delay

Add Google Alerts for your brand

1. Go to Google Alerts and add alerts (RSS) with your brand names as search terms

Create a Google Alert

Choose “Feed” in the “Deliver to” selection.

2. Copy the alert’s feed address from Google Alerts

Copy the alert feed URL

3. Add the feed to Influx through the sources dialog

Add the Alert feed to Influx

4. See what the internet says about your brand, and discuss it in Flowdock

Google Alerts are fuel for discussion

Flowdock is completely real-time, and so will your team be once you start using it.

8 days left till public beta on March 10th!