A good way to start the work week is to go through some TODOs. These days there’s about a zillion ways to manage them online. With Flowdock, the unique aspect is that you can handle them right in the middle of the conversation. There is no gap.

Here’s an example from our own flow. If you come up with something, that needs doing you can just throw in a line with the #todo tag included.

Chatting with tags

But because this is a conversation, if someone else says something worth TODOing, you can just add the tag yourself if the other person didn’t realize to do so.

Tagging chat messages

The todo list lives in Flowser as a search. You can use other tags to better categorize the todo items: milestones, project names etc. Whenever you complete a task, just tick the x on the todo tag to remove it.

Searching for TODOs

This is a lightweight process, which you can work with in the privacy of your own team’s conversation.

Only 2 days till Flowdock public beta!